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Free Printable Youth Bible Study Lesson


  • Quick and easy to download
  • View and print immediately
  • Designed to be easy-to-read and understand
  • Reproducible - print as many copies as you need
  • Non-denominational
  • Great for homeschool, youth group, and personal studies

Simply click on the "Fruit of the Spirit" study link below (next to the heart) to view and print.

❤️ Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study
"I printed your free study "Fruit of the Spirit" and it was perfect. We had our bible study and the girls loved it. This is the first Bible study that I have ever directed... I was able to confidently bless these wonderful young princesses" - S.G.

❤️ Are You Going? Bible Study
This Bible study is effective in leading teens to Christ. They will learn not only how to become a Christian but to trust Jesus to guide our decisions, actions and attitudes. All of the studies are designed to be easy-to-read and understand. The goal is to keep it simple, plant a seed, and let God grow the seed.

❤️ Beatitudes Bible Study
The word Beatitudes means 'blessings.' This study is great for teaching teens about the blessings that Jesus wants to give them! The Beatitudes are from the Sermon on the Mount. It is considered one of Jesus' best sermons and is found in the book of Matthew.

❤️ Bible Reading Bible Study
Teach teens that reading their Bible will help them know God better and his will for their life. Give them the handy reading checklist to help them keep track of their reading.

❤️ Faith Bible Study
What does it mean to have faith? The answer is in this study and you can learn right along with the teens in an easy-to-read and understand format.

❤️ Faith Stealer Bible Study
Do you know what your biggest faith stealer is? With this powerful and effective study, you can learn what your biggest faith stealer is and how to defeat it! This study is designed to be easy-to-read and understand. The goal is to keep it simple, plant a seed, and let God grow the seed.

❤️ Far Above Rubies Bible Study
Girls are never too young to learn about being a Proverbs 31 woman. This short study will introduce them to Proverbs 31:10-31 and Titus 2:4-5. They will also look up the words helpmeet and submit. This short study is designed to be very easy to read and understand.

❤️ Friends Bible Study
Teenagers need friends! Do you need something that will teach how wise friends and foolish friends effect them? Do you need something that will be easy for them to read, understand and apply into their own lives? This is an excellent study that you will want to use over and over again.

❤️ Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study
"I printed your free study "Fruit of the Spirit" and it was perfect. We had our bible study and the girls loved it. This is the first Bible study that I have ever directed... I was able to confidently bless these wonderful young princesses" - S.G.

❤️ Gossip Bible Study
Use this excellent resource to teach teens how gossip effects them and those around them. Let them learn what the Bible says about people who gossip and how to break the gossip habit with some helpful tips.

❤️ Modesty Bible Study
Teaching teens to dress modestly is a battle because of the influence that television, movies, and magazines have on them. This effective short study will keep their interest and will be an eye opener for them.

❤️ Prayer Bible Study
Do you want to teach teens how to pray? It's not easy and that is why you should give them this short study and let Jesus teach them about prayer just as he taught his disciples. You will appreciate how easy it is to "plant a seed" with this study and help teens to start applying prayer into their own life.

❤️ Proverbs Bible Study
Why should we read and study the book of Proverbs? Who was the author? Why did he write it and for what purpose? The answers are in this study. This practical study will make it easy for you to teach teens how to make good choices by applying the wisdom in the book of Proverbs into their own lives.

❤️ Purity Bible Study
Do you need something that will teach teens what God says about purity? This study will not be an instant problem solver but it will plant a seed into their heart which will enable God to open their eyes and grow the seed. That is the goal of all the studies - make them easy-to-read and understand so that the teens will respond to the studies and apply the scriptures into their own lives. If we plant seeds, God will grow them!

❤️ Scripture Memory Bible Study
Sin will keep you from God's word, and God's word will keep you from sin! Memorizing scripture is a sure way to defeat Satan's attacks.

❤️ Ten Commandments Bible Study
Introduce teens to the ten commandments with this study. Teach them what the purpose of the commandments are (to show what sin is), and how God will forgive all past sins.

I Am Unable to Download. What Do I Do?

The files are on PDF format. PDF is a popular format to download and print on a PC or MAC. The PDF files require Acrobat Reader to open. This is already installed on most computers and available free from the Adobe website by clicking on the button:

What Age Group Are These Studies For?
They are great to use with pre-teens (ages 9-12) and teens (ages 13+). Adults are also using them.

What Bible Version Is Used?
The King James Version is used to quote scripture. Any version can be used to look up and write verses.

Can I Use These Studies to Start My Own Christian Ministry?
Yes, These studies will make it easy for you! You can start a weekly teen Bible study with girls in your neighborhood, from your church youth group, or your homeschool group. Each study is designed in an easy-to-read & understand format. Download and print studies, plan a day, and invite them over for pizza or snacks and a Bible study .


"I am a youth pastor and youth camp director and plan to use parts for our annual purity luncheon so many young ladies will be blessed by your efforts. Thank you!" - Email

"I'm running a small youth group (mixed ages) on Sunday morning in Southport in North west of England UK - the 10 commandments download is a real blessing to me"
- UK

"I am using the bible study for my own girls, but also am going to offer it to some ladies who are fairly new Christians and were saying that they needed a bible study like this to define how they need to present themselves.We will all learn together, no doubt. The study is beautiful. Thank you! I am learning so much about what I needed to know about modesty etc. We are just beginners in this and we are loving it"
- T.M.

"I am one of a number of facilitators that shares with a group of senior teens at our Church. The group was formed out of a need to develop the leadership skills and mentor our teens as they prepare themselves to face the challenges of today's world! We started to take a closer look at the Beatitudes on Sunday so your study will be very useful!!"
- Wayne

"I printed your free study "The Fruit of the Spirit" and it was perfect. We had our bible study and the girls loved it. This is the first Bible study that I have ever directed... I was able to confidently bless these wonderful young princesses" - S.G.

"I work with 6 young ladies ranging in ages 13-15 and I am thankful to find a resource to help me with this ministry" - Claudette

"I taught one of your lessons last week. Three teen age young men. It was a joy to teach and watch them learn. Thank you so very much". "Thank you! My class loves your studies! - Rev. Tami

"Your bible studies are just perfect. My two grand-daughters are visiting me for the summer and we wanted to have a four week bible study. We went to our local christian store in search of a study that meet our needs we were so disappointed as we found nothing. We then went to the secular book store and again we walked out empty handed. We were so disappointed but our disappointment turned into joy as my daughter emailed me the link to your site". - S. G.

"Thank you for your outlines and teaching material, it is a real challenge for me to teach the teens and keep them biblically correct. Your material is a blessing."

"My daughter hurt her wrist a couple of weeks ago and having a cast in the summer is really depressing. I told her she was getting the few studies she didnít have yet and she perked up, getting especially excited over the Proverbs. She works in our church nursery and her teacher & I both are doing the same Proverbs study." - Kathy

" excellent tool to help turn their hearts toward the Lord" - email

"I am a 15 year old girl and I have started a bible study with my younger sisters and their friends..their friends only came to the Lord about 2 weeks ago...thanks very much!" - email

"I was ask to teach youth Bible study at the last min. and was so very happy to find these lessons, they were a quick study and very easy to explain...........Thank you all so very much............Love IT!!!!"

"I find the lessons on Christianteenshop very helpful in getting my youth to understand about the Bible and JESUS!! Thank you. May God continue to bless your ministry."

"I have been enjoying going through it all. I can't wait to get started with the girls in our church"
- Mary, Calvary Chapel

"Each study is brief and well written. Written exercises encourage girls to gather information from the Bible and the dictionary. It presents scripture to support key statements and encourages girls to look toward the Bible for answers to all of life's questions. Mrs. St. George challenges girls to examine their own behavior and measure it against God's word and to become doers of the word, not hearers only. While each study presents plenty of "meat" for our daughters to chew on, they also offer fun appealing crafts and activities to help expand on each topic. Overall, I would recommend them to be used alongside your daughter, as an independent devotional, or for group study with a church or homeschool group." - Jessica Harvey, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the studies.